Our Mission


We are on a mission is to achieve four legislative changes.

1. Compulsory Building and Pest reports on all properties listed for sale in Queensland.

We are actively lobbying for compulsory building and pest inspections to be conducted on all residential properties listed for sale in Queensland. The report findings of these inspections are to be provided to anyone interested in purchasing a property. We want to see inspections and reports being conducted by government approved building and pest inspectors. This model is successfully working in the ACT and we would like to see this occur in QLD.

2. Compulsory Electrical Safety check provided by sellers of all properties listed for sale in Queensland.

Just as it is compulsory for a safety switch and working smoke alarms to be installed, we are actively lobbying for all homes to have a compulsory certificate of testing and compliance for all electrical wiring conducted by a qualified and licensed trades-person prior to a residential property being listed for sale. This should also form part the the contract of sale for all residential property in Queensland.

3. All new real estate agents to do a minimum of 6 months traineeship/supervision by a licensed agent.

We are actively lobbying for all newly starting real estate agents to do a minimum of 6 months traineeship/supervision by a licensed agent within their office of employment. At present anyone can gain a certificate to become a real estate agent by completing a 3 day course. The moment their certificate arrives  they can then go out and legally be allowed to try and sell someone’s most valuable asset, despite having no experience.

4. Twelve month continuous period as a certified agent before a full licence is granted. 

We are actively seeking stricter limits on how long an agent needs to be practicing in the industry before they can become a full licensee. We are lobbying for a minimum 12 month continuous term to be completed as a certified real estate agent  before an agent can become eligible to hold a full license. This law has been passed in NSW and we’d like to see it in QLD. At present an agent can complete a course to become fully licensed within 5 days and is legally allowed to then open an office whether they have one day of experience or not. Learning on the job and making mistakes at the expense of a property owners livelihood is something we want to see less of.

5. Infrastructure before development approvals

We are actively seeking a greater amount of infrastructure and green space being in place prior to further apartment developments being approved  by government. We strongly feel that there needs to be enough schools and spaces in those schools, as well as enough green open spaces and spots on the road for cars before it’s a yes to another apartment tower. We feel the buck stops with government as they are the one that give approval to developers.